To find and record all existing cars, trucks and motorcycles of Scottish manufacture. Communicate with owners, assist owners in maintaining their Scottish built vehicles by enabling then to make contact with owners who have the same types of vehicles,  locate parts and list enthusiasts with particular skills who can assist in the rebuilding or replacement of worn out or broken parts.  

In these pages we will attempt to list every Scottish manufacture with photos of vehicles, dates, details of the people involved, locations, in fact everything we can find. If when perusing these pages  one is aware of a photo, manufacturer or any other interesting piece of information relating to the subject, please let us know so that we continue to build this site into something we may all be proud of. 

The idea of The Scottish Car Register of Australia and New Zealand began with an idea in a conversation between a Kiwi and an Aussie, both of Scottish descent and both owners of Scottish built cars. We had attended some Scottish events with our cars supporting The Australian Scottish Community Qld. Inc. ( With their assistance and support we decided to attend the All British Car display in Brisbane in 2004 as a Scottish car group.


By word of mouth over a few weeks we ended up with a group of cars that ranged from the 1920s to the 1970s. We had 9 Imps of various ages and one partly restored Imp (The largest Australian gathering of Imps that we know of since the 70s) An Arrol-Johnston ambulance and two Arrol-Johnston cars, plus two Galloway cars, (one complete and one fully restored chassis and engine ready for the body to be fitted)...... One of the Arrol-Johnstons was still as found in a paddock after forty years. I understand Ross Frater worked on that engine in the paddock and had it running in a very short time. It arrived at the display on a trailer and one Scot who should have known better exclaimed " that will never run again". Ross hopped up onto the old box that served as a seat, hit the starter and drove the car off the trailer and into position on the field much to the surprise of the speaker.

The AUSSIE-SCOTS had their tent display in the centre with Imps either side and the elderly Scots vehicles alongside and behind. Saltires and Rampant Lions flying proudly and a pipe band serenading the masses made sure everyone knew the Scots were there. The stall was very busy answering questions about genealogy, Scotland and the Tartans. The car owners were also kept on their toes with inquiries about their vehicles. The Gaelic Dream Dance Troupe while not dancing were in attendance helping out with the parade, set up of stalls and general question taking.


We will appreciate feedback and any assistance. There is no compulsion to come to any events but your presence will be very welcome. There is a diary dates section of events to come. We are hoping to cover all events that may interest visitors to our site no matter what state, country or part of the world you are in. A photo gallery has been set up and privacy will be respected in the register.

The web list will consist of the brand of car, commercial or bike  model and year, colour and town, state and country it is in. It will link with a photo of the vehicle (if supplied) and if someone wishes to make contact with an owner of a particular vehicle we will pass on the message and contact details and it will be up to the owner to reply or not to reply to the enquirer.


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